Funk Motorsport Team Up with Monster Energy’s Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni

If you are a fan of Monster Energy and all the crazy stuff they get up to, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Steve Biagioni. Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni is a professional drift driver from Essex who is well known for his insane line up of machinery that he uses to compete in drift events and […]

Is ceramic coating an exhaust worth it?

Ceramic coating can be considered as space age technology which has been utilised in Formula 1 for years in an effort to reduce heat transfer around the exhaust and turbo systems. This has pushed away from traditional textiles based heat management, but could that be a process which is slowly being reversed? Ceramic coating is […]

Various Exhaust Insulation options

Funk Motorsport Wrap Around Exhaust Blanket

One of the most common causes of heat soak within your engine bay is, of course, your exhaust system. Here at Funk, we often get questions asking us how to overcome issues where the exhaust system runs close to sensitive components so we wanted to take a little time to talk through some of the […]

Drifting: 9 heat management areas to consider

Olly Bolton Competing in the BDC

As we know, unwanted heat can kill an engine’s reliability whilst also reducing a car’s performance. In reality, heat management in drifting is something that is often overlooked although vital to performance and reliability. The discipline of drifting is made up of high-intensity short burst runs, followed by shut down while waiting for results or […]

New Build? Don’t forget HEAT!

Gold Heat Tape Application

When rebuilding a car, this is the best time to consider heat management. You can plan all the heat protection you will need, especially in all of those hard to reach areas! There is nothing worse than completing your track car build or your classic car restoration and having a huge heat issue or even […]

Why insulate your exhaust system?

Funk Motorsport Exhaust Wrap

Exhaust systems and manifolds can be a work of art, but yet we see so many people taking the time to wrap them or cover them away. These intricate components can be one of the highest heat producers within the engine bay. But then why would you want to wrap it up and put a […]

Solving Touring Car heat issues with Team BMR

  We all know that intake temperatures and managing heat is extremely important in protecting your engine. Under fierce competition, team BMR approached Funk Motorsport to manage the heat on their Subaru Levorgs to ensure optimum performance of their engine.   Earlier this year, we were approached by BTCC race team BMR to solve some […]

Golden Reflection: The benefits of Gold Reflective Heat Tape.

We have been selling Gold Heat Tape for years, but why? What are the performance benefits of Gold heat wrap Despite Gold reflective bulkheads like you see in Formula 1 and NASA spacecraft looking cool, they have a very good reason why they are in this shade – and sadly no, Gold Heat Tape isn’t only […]

How do you reduce intake temperatures?

Reducing intake temperatures We hear it all the time here at Funk Motorsport. Lower intake temperatures produce more power. Keep your induction system cool. Colder intake temperatures improve performance. How do I lower my intake temperatures? Whilst this may seem gospel, there is actually a relatively small amount of information out there for how to […]

Turbo Blankets: The 101 Guide

Turbo blankets are becoming a wider used product throughout the automotive tuning and motorsport worlds, focusing on the performance market – though traces of these products can be see across mainstream Car Manufacturers and OEMs worldwide. Turbo blankets or otherwise known as “turbo socks” or “turbo jackets” are exactly that, they are designed to increase […]