Industrial Heat Management

Whilst we specialise in race cars and fast road cars – Heat management is not only important for cars. Since Funk Motorsport has begun, we have been involved with industrial applications. Heat shielding, heat sleeving and lagging to help with environmental issues are all problems in which are regularly approached about. Funk Industries was launched!

Already boasting an impressive industrial client base, we have developed products using the same fundamentals found in our current thermal management range. With an ever-changing climate, many of our partners have approached us wanting a solution to aid the reduction of emissions from their equipment. Though there is a more detailed science behind it (leave that to us), generally, by keeping an exhaust gas at a higher temperature can provide a reduced emission output as well as a better platform on which to base an SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) process to occur.

Emissions to one side, heat can provide issues (or benefits), to the wider machinery, civil engineering or construction industries. With simple solutions such as heat sleeving to protect vital componentry from heat exchangers to heat shields attempting to keep pharmaceutical warehouses cool. Thermal Management can play a vital role in achieving a stable product or a reliable environment for the market.

We are your heat management experts that can provide an off the shelf or custom solution for your industrial, construction or civil engineering project. Providing insulation, heat protection, heat sleeving and solutions to aid emission reduction through the clever use of our thermal management products.

Have an application in which you would like some advice on? We would be happy to discuss the various options and construct a solution in order to aid your industrial application.

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