Funk Motorsport Partner the British Drift Championship 2018

After a successful year in 2017 and the sponsorship of drivers in the British Drift Championship, we have decided to team up with the British Drift Championship to partner the 2018 drift series. Having dealt with many heat issues of suffering drift drivers, we wanted to bring more of our expertise to the world of drifting both within the UK and beyond..

“Our decision to sponsor the British Drift Championship in 2018 is one that we are extremely proud of here at Funk Motorsport. Having dealt with many heat issues of suffering competition drifters in recent years, it made perfect sense for us to join Dave Egan and the team for the 10th British Drift Championship season. Our small team of Heat Management experts is here to advise, support and supply the best thermal solutions, while constantly adapting and developing our brand to meet the needs of elite competition. We strive for perfection here at Funk Motorsport and the British Drift Championship share our vision. Let the drifting begin!”

– Steve Hodges – Director, Funk Motorsport

Announcing the partnership for the coming year, BDC CEO David Egan was extremely excited about having the energy, innovation, and professionalism of Funk Motorsport so closely aligned with the BDC in 2018.

“We at the British Drift Championship are constantly trying to innovate and improve our unique product. Aligning with a young company who share the exact same philosophy is extremely fitting. Funk Motorsport are producing fantastic products that truly help our competitors improve their vehicle’s performance and reliability. We will push our drivers harder than ever before this season, so it is an opportune time to avail of the exceptional research and development Funk Motorsport have carried out.”

– David Egan – CEO, British Drift Championship

We look forward to supporting the BDC throughout the 2018 season!

To read all about the events of round 1, with Oliver Bolton, click here.

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