Funk’s Riku Tahko Hosts Gymkhana Qualifier

Funk Motorsport Sponsored Project Riku Tahko brings a new racing format to Finland!
On the 20-21st May, Vermo Drift Festival 2017 will feature a new, exciting event hosted by Riku Tahko.

Riku has driven the Monster Energy Gymkhana Grid finals three times, and wants to offer a chance for other Finns to compete in Gymkhana Grid, with a huge main prize of a Gymkhana Grid Golden Ticket.

The event will take place at Vermo race track with the main building and services inside being open for the general public, ensuring a great base for families and fans of all ages.

Riku Tahko

Vermo Drift Festival requires skills, speed, nerves, memory and of course spectacular drifting skills. The race format requires two competitors to attack the course simultaneously, both on their own tracks, mirroring eachother. In the qualifying rounds, track times will decide the top 16 and lead towards the semifinals. Both semifinals and the finals of the event will be based on the time it takes to complete the Gymkhana course.

The entry list is an interesting one to say the least. With appearances from stars from Finnish rallycross, rally sprint and drifting, it is a huge opportunity for drivers of all abilities to compete against their icons.

Besides the racing action, the festival promises top quality entertainment from Finnish musicians and dance acts. Drivers will also be accessible for the public to sign autographs in main building on the evening of Saturday.

Both qualifying rounds and finals will take place on Sunday.

Gates open to the public at 10am and the event conclude on Sunday at 7pm when the winners will get their bubbles on podium.

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