How does exhaust wrap work?

Exhaust wrap has been involved in the Automotive Tuning and Motorsport market for years, as used on motorcycles and performance cars. A simple and well respected product in which has been a key part of car preparation. Though they have developed and become more advanced, the key principles remain the same, to restrict heat transfer to the surrounding components of the exhaust system. In doing this, the benefits are twofold, the gases remain hot and therefore increase in velocity in which they exit the system, creating an easier to breath system with the increased power output being possible.

When heat wraps were first introduced into the market, they were typically created from white fibreglass. This would then be soaked in water to aid the application process. Now, a host of coloured variations have flooded the market, doing the same job as the original, though now boasting the style advantage. Fibreglass options can become weak over time, with constant heating and cooling (as exhaust systems do), they break up and lose construction and thermal qualities.

Another, more efficient option, is the Titanium Lava Rock Exhaust wrap. This has been constructed using elements and compounds from volcanic rock. This will ensure the wrap will remain strong and shape, whilst being flexible for fitment – without the use of water. A lack of water and a stronger construction reduces expansion and weak points, therefore keeping pipe temperature consistent. By doing this, fatigue and weak spots are minimised.

A titanium wrap retains heat better and will out live any traditional glass fibre, with improved performance characteristics.

See the video fitting guide below for some tips and tricks on creating an amazing fit and great look.

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  1. Matt Denham’s RXV8 turbo with all the sound insulation and carpets removed,the 6.0 litre engine exhaust generated so much heat radiated into the car,metal objects touching the body ,like the hydro break leaver and the gear selector became to hot to touch without gloves. Also Matt was extremely uncomfortable. The Funk exhaust rap immediately took care of that. An extreme test of how effective it is. All surrounding cables and components were now saved from the heat.

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