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Oliver Bolton Discusses Drift Cup Win as BDC Preparations Begin

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As all heads look towards the BDC next week, Oliver Bolton talks about his incredible Drift Cup win to earn him his place at the Battle of Britain in Birmingham this weekend.

‘So Driftcup round 3 had finally arrived! 

I was buzzing but didn’t know really know what to expect. 

Cars unloaded, tyre pressures checked, the S13 received a once over by one of the Drift Cup scrutinisers before receiving the all clear. 

I asked for some advice on the track because I had been unable to make a previous test day at the track and most of the drivers had a good idea of the track and where the clipping points were.

“On entries we are looking for either clutch kick entry or weight transfer entry, once drifting you can use the hydro” said the Judge, which was very helpful. 

My first three laps were completely shocking, trying to navigate the clips, then I started dropping 3 wheels off the track and my entries were just not going well at all. Once I knew where the clips were, the runs were getting better and I was feeling more comfortable and confident with the track. 

Before long, it was qualifying time! 

I lined up waiting for my 2 runs, 1st run was okay scoring 70.8 and my second run was a little better scoring 74.2 

I didn’t think I had qualified and as the numbers fell I began to feel even less confident. All of a sudden I heard, “Qualified in 13th, Oliver Bolton!” Wheyyyy! I definitely wasn’t expecting that! 

We then went onto the top 32 battles.

Top 32 against Kev Bennett.

1st run I was leading and unfortunately Kev span out! 

My chase run went really well, kept the proximity through the run enough to win this battle! I was buzzing! 

Top 16 against Thomas Kirkwood 

The first run I was leading, Thomas also span out! This gave me a good advantage. 

My chase run was also good enough for me to win this battle! After not expecting to get this far in the competition. I was over the moon!

Having now guaranteed myself a top 8 spot I had now have been offered a place to compete in round 3 BDC at the NEC in Birmingham in 2 weeks! 

Top 8 against Raphael Fulco 

Image by Popplexposure

On my lead run I managed to pull away and maintain a gap between us. My chase run was also good with great proximity. It felt like a good run. 

I had won my top 8 battle! I couldn’t believe it!

Top 4 against Jack Wooton 

I had seen Jack’s practice throughout the day and knew this would be a tough battle. 

My lead run was good as I maintained a gap between us which gave me an advantage for my chase run. 

On my chase run, I had the proximity with Jack and the run felt really good.

Then they announced the results, “going though to his first Driftcup Final is Oliver Bolton!” 

I couldn’t be happier at this point, I knew I would make the podium but I knew I really had to push to get the top spot. 

The final against Dave Mittel!

During my chase run I was slightly hesitant on the entry but then managed to get back on his door and managed to stay on his door thoughout the run. I was very happy with the run.

On my lead run I got away from Dave and managed to keep that distance until the end!

So, results time was then upon us.

In 3rd place… Jack Wooton.

In 2nd place… Dave Mittel 

In 1st place, Oliver Bolton! What a great feeling.

A day of awesome battles.

Hard to believe that earlier this morning I had never been in a Drift cup event and this afternoon I’d had my first Drift Cup Win and had qualified for the British Drift Championship. What a day!

With Round 3 RDC around the corner and BDC at the NEC in 2 weeks, it’s time to get the car up to spec. Huge thanks to our title sponsor Funk Motorsport for their on going support. 

Exciting times ahead! ‘

Oliver Bolton

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