Heat Management

Heat management is a huge topic which is rarely thought about until something goes wrong! The automotive OEM industry does such a good job of keeping temperatures optimal for road cars. But when we start to push these cars and venture into vehicle tuning, it is essential to maintain optimal reliability from the entire system when looking to increase performance. Want to learn more about heat management? Click here to read why heat management is so important on your track car or road car.


Our Funk Cool Heat Management range has been developed with Performance, Protection and Reliability in mind. Heat saps power from your engine by over heating the fuel into the engine, reducing the effectiveness of the liquid cooling system of your engine and providing unwanted heat to the cold intake air. By managing the heat sources of your engine correctly, you can help your engine produce more power due to the cold air in the intake remaining cold. With optimum intake temperatures, the MAF sensor can provide a better signal, enabling a bigger spark to be created inside the combustion chamber. This combined with the cooler air entering the chamber creates more power. Furthermore, heat management also helps the longevity of components that no longer have to fight the effects of excess heat.

Whether you are looking for a Turbo Blanket to reduce your under bonnet temperatures, or protective sleeving for audio wiring – we are here to help. At Funk Motorsport, we are happy to provide accurate information to help point you in the right direction for your application. Be sure to check out our blog section for more information on how our heat management range can help you.