Heat Barriers

Heat shielding is seen in a number of different ways, for a never-ending list of applications. Standard application road cars come complete (from the factory) with the same heat shield solutions we offer.

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Create the perfect thermal protection across your bulkhead and a metal heat shield in your exhaust tunnel using our barrier sheeting. This is easily shapeable for most applications and maintains an automotive OEM look when doing so. This type of insulation is commonly used by our clients to lag exhaust systems, this has a few benefits, which have been covered in great depth within this article explaining exhaust insulation.

Other forms of barrier sheeting include thermal blankets which can be easily cut, shaped and installed on a variety of sensitive components or intake system cooling. These less rigid types of heat shielding are perfect for intake systems, complex bulkheads and fuel cells.

Heat shields are used in all types of vehicles from turbocharged racers, Standard supercars, electric vehicles and all other types of OEM applications. There is a metal heat shield solution for every type of automotive protection.

Our various thermal barriers are used by professional race teams, youtubers and industrial applications for years to keep the heat energy exactly where it is required.