Heat protection sleeving

Heat Protection sleeving has been used by manufacturers for years. With the performance car market at an all-time high, engine bay temperatures are higher than intended and so we need to provide thermal protection to your vital ECU lines, Fuel Lines, Oil Lines and other pipework in the engine bay. Gold Heat sleeving is our most popular as it looks great, can protect in temperatures of up to 600°C and reflect away heat!

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With different high heat applications and different requirements, we offer High Heat Silicon Thermal Sleeving, Silver Heat Sleeving, Gold Heat sheathing, and other protective heat wraps. These primarily come in 3 different styles; Easy Fit Velcro Heat sleeving, Sewn Heat Sleeving and Self Adhesive heat sleeving. These offer the ultimate ceramic heat protection in your engine bay.

There are many uses for heat protection sleeving, these include; Heat Protection Sleeving for Oil Lines, Heat sleeving on Fuel lines to prevent Fuel Vapour Lock, Silicon Hose sleeving for Coolant pipes, Thermal Cable sleeves, Audio wiring protection, Engine bay dressing.

Protective Thermal sleeving is one of the easiest ways to heat wrap your vital components and keep your tuner car or race car reliable for use every single time. Click here to find out why Heat management and heat protection is vital in Drifting.

Still unsure how heat management can effect your car? Don’t hesitate to drop us a message where we will be happy to improve the thermal protection on your race car.