Heat reflective sheets and tapes

Heat can be the killer of performance, and cause many gremlins within the entire engine bay. That’s why gold heat tape and silver reflective tape can help reduce temperatures where it matters!

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Gold Reflective heat taping and other thermal tapes to help the quest of how to lower intake temperature. We offer the best heat reflective tape on the market, with the very best drift cars, BTCC cars and tuner cars benefiting from up to 80% reduction in radiant heat transfer.

Heat tape comes in all different shapes and sizes, boasting heat insulation that can dramatically improve reliability on your track car, increase performance on your road car and protect vital components on your race car. This type of product is used to keep fuel tanks at a low temperature, reduce air intake temperatures and help cool the cockpit of your car.

Lower temperatures from simple gold reflective heat tape can mean an all-round higher-performing car and driver. Used in all forms of motorsport including BTCC, GT racing, Formula 2, British Drift Championship, World RX and so many more.

By using heat shield gold tape (and silver heat tape), you can protect your bulkhead from heat, reduce heat transfer through your firewall, Lower air intake temperatures whilst dressing up your car with gold engine tape.

These products show unbelievable heat shield power from such a simple product to install. Many people overlook heat protection and heat lagging, though this type of heat shielding is relatively cheap and can easily be achieved at home in the garage. It is common to see this type of protection in F1, F2 and F3, GT cars, also with the worldwide drifting community beginning to focus on the performance and reliability of each individual components. Heat reflective material can come in a number of different forms from heat tape to heat insulation blankets.

Still unsure how heat management can affect your car? Don’t hesitate to drop us a message where we will be happy to improve the thermal protection on your race car.

But why choose Gold heat Tape? All of the answers can be found here.