Turbo Blankets

Turbo Blankets are designed to keep the heat contained within the Turbo, whilst reducing under bonnet temperatures. The Turbo Jacket will actually help to decrease turbo spool up time by keeping the gases inside hot. A hotter gas flows quicker and will actually exit through your wrapped exhaust faster!


With the unique design of a turbo, the hot portion is in close proximity to the area in which you would like to keep cool (compressor housing). By wrapping your turbo, this will help improve your efficiency and actually help to lower the intake temperature and actually allow your engine to breath easier. A turbo blanket has more benefits! A cooler surrounding area will actually help to decrease engine bay temperatures and make all of the surrounding components more reliable and live longer, this is without forgetting the induction cooling benefits that are vital on all road cars and Motorsport applications.

Our turbo blankets are designed to dramatically reduce temperatures, to the point where you can almost touch them when spooling!

The complete guide to turbo blankets can be found here.

Unsure what turbo blanket to choose? Drop us a message, we would be happy to help point you in the correct direction.