Universal Turbo Blankets

Turbo Blankets offer the ultimate heat protection, from the hottest part within your engine bay. With so many turbos around, it could sometimes be difficult to understand what turbo jacket would work best for your application. Here we have universal fit turbo blankets, which work perfectly with your choice of turbo. To help LOWER the intake air temperatures, INCREASE reliability of surrounding components and ACCELERATE the exhaust gases out of the engine.

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Still unsure what turbo blanket is right for your car? We have everything, internal wastegate, external wastegate, T3, T4 even T6 turbo beanies! Both available in Carbon Fibre and Titanium for your performance automotive application.

Still unsure what blanket is right for your car? Contact us using the Live chat function, or drop us an email info@funkmotorsport.com we will be happy to help you find the right blanket for your project.