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BMW Lamin-X

From: £30.83

Lamin-X Kits for BMW Cars.



BMW Lamin-X kits are designed for headlight protection, this film is made from a high-quality, impact-resistant 12 mil thick (inches) transparent protective film with adhesive-backing. Used to protect your lights from the road debris or cloudiness that occurs over time. We stock Universal Sheets for custom installation on nearly any application. We also have some dimensions of some popular vehicles lights for your convenience, these are offered at a slightly discounted rate in our shop. Lamin-X is easy to install as the film and adhesive are designed to be extremely pliable and forgiving during installation. So you can apply numerous times during initial application to get the install just right. If you’re not just about protection, but want your vehicle to be unique then Lamin-x headlight film covers are for you. You can protect AND stylize your headlights with one of the many colors or tints. Choose a light or dark smoke to tone down the headlight look, but still retain excellent light output visibility. Yellow to match endurance race cars, or Blue to produce a bright white light when used on halogen bulbs. Make your car look the way you want it. Lamin-x headlight film covers gives you the power to make your car as unique as the person driving it.

This product provides Lamin-X that is cut to the correct universal size for your vehicle’s lights. These sheets come in rectangular form and are not cut to the exact shape of the headlights, this way you have a little more freedom should the worst happen! We feel that exact shape headlight kits add another level of complexity to the application of Lamin-X and we feel that a perfect application will be at a greater difficulty to achieve.

Cars Available:

  • 3 series e46 (facelift)
  • 3 series e46 (pre-facelift)
  • 5 series e60
  • 5 series f10
  • 6 series (e63 & e64)
  • z4 (e85 & e86)

See our videos here for a “how to” guide.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg

Tint 6%, Gunsmoke 12%, Charcoal, Clear, Yellow, Amber, Red, Pink, Green, Blue


3 series e46 Pre-Facelift Headlights, 3 series e46 Facelift Headlights, 3 Series e90 + e92 Headlights, 3 Series e92 Tail Lights, 5 series e60 Headlights, 5 series e60 Tail Lights, 5 series f10 Headlights, 5 series f10 Tail Lights, Z4 e85 + e86 Headlights, Z4 e85 + e85 Tail Lights


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