The Road to Gymkhana Grid

Dropping on April 14th and featuring Funk Motorsport sponsored drivers Luke Woodham and Adam Elder, the road to Gymkhana Grid is a documentary following eight world-class drivers on their journey to South Africa. Gymkhana Grid gives competitors, with build funded by their working lives, the opportunity to line up next to professional drivers such as Ken Block and Petter Solberg. The team at Insight TV set out to document the ins and outs of one of the fastest growing motorsports of recent years.

What is Gymkhana Grid?

Ken Block’s Gymkhana Grid is a competition where supercars, world rally cars and drift cars share the track with tuned street cars in a battle of time, control and style. With 2 identical, mirrored tracks, drivers compete in pairs to complete a technical gymkhana course. Drivers compete against the clock in a knockout style competition, leaving only the most consistent drivers taking the podium. With two separate competing classes, rear wheel drive and all wheel drive categories, it is all to play for in the Gymkhana. Having achieved over 3 million viewers worldwide in 2017 and guaranteed automotive warfare, things are looking promising for the future of the competition.

Where to watch

April 14th 2018 7pm on Sky channel 564

To hear interviews from the red carpet from Funk Motorsport sponsored drivers Adam Elder and Luke Woodham,


To find out more about Gymkhana Grid

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Finally, to find out more about Funk Motorsport sponsored drivers, visit Sponsored Projects

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