Funk Motorsport Wrap Around Exhaust Blanket

Various Exhaust Insulation options

One of the most common causes of heat soak within your engine bay is, of course, your exhaust system. Here at Funk, we often get questions asking us how to overcome issues where the exhaust system runs close to sensitive components so we wanted to take a little time to talk through some of the more common issues that can be overcome using Funk Heat Management products.

As we know, the exhaust system carries warm gases, which raises the temperature of the system itself. As it travels through the car it runs close to or even comes into contact with a variety of sensitive components such as fuel cells, starter motors, body parts and more. It is these important components that we must protect. Before coming up with the most effective heat solution, we have a decision to make.

Do we need to protect our sensitive component by insulating the entire system, or is it more beneficial for us to insulate just a small section of the exhaust system? This then leads us on to our possible options.

Funk Motorsport Titanium Lava Rock Exhaust Wrap

By wrapping your system with Funk Motorsport lava rock exhaust wrap, you can protect components that run close to the exhaust at any part of the system. Exhaust wrap will help to lower temperatures around your exhaust wrap, therefore, reducing the amount of heat soak within your engine bay. It is also important to remember too, that Funk Motorsport exhaust wrap is made from the highest quality materials to not discolour or become brittle over time.

Funk Motorsport Dual Layer Aluminium Heat Barrier

Now you may find that the temperature reduction offered by exhaust wrap is not enough to fully protect sensitive components such as starter motors and fuel cells. Where exhaust systems run close to components that need to stay cool to operate correctly you may require a more effective heat barrier.

Funk Motorsport dual-layer aluminium heat barrier is a malleable heat solution aimed for high-temperature applications. Using this product, we can shape the material to fit between the exhaust system and the starter motor, for example, therefore hugely reducing the temperature transfer between the two.

Funk Motorsport Gold Reflective Heat Blanket

When working with fuel cells and exhaust tunnels, we may also find that we need to protect against both convectional and radiant heat transfer. Meet our gold reflective heat blanket. Ever seen a gold tape application on a bulkhead or intake pipework? Our gold heat blanket does much the same. It reflects away up to 80% of radiant heat transfer yet also has another use too. The gold reflective heat blanket acts as an insulator to prevent the movement of heat through it. We can use the gold reflective heat blanket, applied with spray-on adhesive to help protect the fuel cell from the convectional heat transfer from the exhaust system while the gold layer acts to reflect away radiant heat too.

Funk Motorsport Wrap Around Exhaust Blanket
In the case that we may need to insulate just one smaller section of the exhaust, we will need to drastically reduce the heat output from the exhaust system. Made from the same construction as our turbo blankets, our wrap-around exhaust blankets are a power heat barrier. The exhaust blanket can be wrapped around the exhaust system, secured in place with metal retaining springs, to keep the heat within the system and away from your sensitive components. Available in 12 inch, 18inch and 24inch options, the wrap-around blanket allows for enough flexibility to protect important, sensitive components without the need to insulate the entire system!

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