A weekend from Hell – Euro RX Round 2 with Riku Tahko

A weekend from Hell – Funk Motorsport’s Riku Tahko shares his experience of Monster Energy’s FIA Euro RX Round 2.

‘We prepared well for the race by doing a couple of events in Finland which showed immediately in my driving. Even in wet conditions we could set some good times. We were in nice pace despite having to overtake some cars. In the second heat we then set the seventh quickest time in EuroRX overall.. It was our first heat win during our campaign in the series.

That was the highlight of the weekend.

On Sunday morning we were fifth fastest. Even when the track was dry we were able to show that everything worked well. On the third heat every driver was in a tightly-packed group. Our exhaust manifold broke and we lost some power. I fought as hard as I could but at the end we were out from the semifinals with out 16th position. 

After that we started to drive with an ‘all or nothing’ attitude. The speed was okay and we got a nice start again. Then I started to hear a banging noise and it got worse. One joint failed in the propshaft and I had to stop before damaging more of the car. We find new weak spots when we improve our speed – it is like that. That particular part was one of that kind of parts that should not break normally.

Our fight continues after three weeks in Sweden. There are a couple of small details that need to be fixed but then it will be good. The race is so tight that it does not allow for any minor mistakes or failures. Otherwise we loose ten places just like that. The level of competition is really high and that is why we are here. I am happy that we have been able to show that we really are capable of doing this.


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Image credits to Toni Ollikainen / tonigraphs.com

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