Skoda Octavia Turbo Blanket

Skoda Octavia Turbo Blanket

Here at Funk Motorsport, we are known for our industry leading turbo blankets! Improve performance, protection and reliability with our durable Funk Motorsport Skoda Octavia Turbo blanket.

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Firstly, what are the differences between our three turbo blanket finishes?  

Here at Funk Motoarsport, we offer three different finishes for our turbo blanket. Although they may look different, they are all just as effective at protecting your turbo. In the case of our carbon fibre and titanium turbo blankets, they share the same 4-layer construction with our signature Funk Motorsport insulation and a different top layer of carbon or titanium for aesthetics only.   
Our inside out blanket however, has an entirely different function. With the internal material also mirrored on the outside, our inside out blankets are designed to be in direct contact with a heat source on both the inside and the outside of the blanket. This is necessary in applications where the turbo itself is positioned close to a manifold or similar, where the external face of the blanket will be in direct contact with a heat source.   
Now we’ve got that covered, let’s talk through some of the benefits!


Improve gas flow and increase performance with our Skoda Octavia turbo blanket. Our Funk Motorsport Garrett turbo jackets work to insulate the hot side of the turbo and retain the heat within the exhaust gases themselves. Hotter gases accelerate faster leading to them leaving the system sooner improving spool up and throttle response. Insulating the hot side of your turbo also helps to lower the amount of heat from the turbo that dissipates into the engine bay and intake pipework. A cooler intake results in higher performance and more consistent power figures over time.


A turbo is an absolute furnace within the engine bay. Excess heat produced by the turbo can cause devastation to surrounding sensitive components. Protect anything from oil lines, coolant lines and even bodywork positioned close to the turbo from the dangers of excess heat.


Insulate your Skoda Octavia turbo to reduce excess heat within your engine bay. Reducing the overall temperature of the engine bay will improve the reliability of electronics, and also help improve the temperature of coolant, fuel and oil lines. From a reliability standpoint, the benefits of a turbo blanket are endless.

While we are on the topic of reliability, what makes a Funk Motorsport turbo blanket the most reliable and durable turbo blanket on the market?

– Specifically developed thread construction to allow for exceptional durability when removal is necessary for routine turbo maintenance. Our new fireproof ultra-high temperature Stainless Steel thread is around 1mm in diameter and can now remain highly durable with temperatures in excess of 1300°C.

– New, thicker internal heat lagging insulation to provide up to 3x improved heat reduction. This insulation wool is created from a ceramic silica complex matting to improve durability over prolonged heat cycles, as well as insulation quantities.

– 4-layer construction for improved reliability.

– Uprated external Carbon Fibre twill and Titanium twill for an improved aesthetic and more durable finish.

– ROHS tested and approved to ensure compliance and desired parameters are reached within our material selection.

You’re in safe hands with a Funk Motorsport Mk3. Turbo Blanket.

Note of caution:
This turbo blanket is not flammable. However, if any flammable fluids are introduced into close proximity of the blanket, the blanket could become a suitable ignition source for a flame to be produced. Please ensure that all necessary precautions are taken in regards to the appropriate maintenance of all oil and fuel lines and fittings surrounding the turbo charger and fuel injection system. Funk Motorsport take no responsibility for fluid contamination our products.

Withstands temperatures of up to 1300 degrees C while offering temperature reductions of up to 90%.

Please note: Heat blankets will smoke on initial heat cycles. This is normal. Smoke will disappear after initial heat cycles. Please ensure you read the turbo blanket product guide provided before application.